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I started in photography with my father's camera, a Minolta SR-7 that we would take on vacation every summer to the Virginia mountains. On one of those trips when I was around ten years old I bought a photography book at a gift shop at the campground where we were staying. That book finally explained what all of those mysterious dials and buttons were for and I was hooked.


From those early landscape and nature shots I moved on to sports and action photography, shooting the local minor league hockey team. I kept shooting through junior high and high school for the yearbook and working for the school system shooting school events and processing film in their darkroom.

After high school my camera spent most of the time on the shelf but once quality, digital cameras became affordable I jumped back in. In 2004 I bought a Nikon D70 and started learning Photoshop and lighting. I've been through several generations of digital SLR and now mainly shoot a Nikon D600 and a Fuji X-E2.


Today I shoot a variety of subjects including portraits, action, nature, and studio work. I also shoot team and individual sports portraits as a contract photographer for All Star Photos .





Raleigh, NC 27613

United States

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